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Cig2o Black Label Red Tobacco Disposable 18mg

Cig2o Black Label Red Tobacco Disposable 18mg
Brand: Cig2o
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18mg Nicotine (Medium Strength)
Each Black Lable Cig2o equals 2 Packs of traditional cigarettes with up to 400 puffs. The unit it's self features Dual L.E.D.'s. One on the clear ash cap and the other around the unit were the filter would start if it had one. 
Using the Cig2o is as easy as 1-2-3. Literally!
1. Remove from the packaging
2. Remove the silicone caps that are on both ends.
3. Puff away and enjoy
This e-cigarette contains nicotine, and we recommend that you use it the same way and the same frequency you would with a regular cigarette. The E-Juice inside the Cartomizer contains 18mg of nicotine – about the same amount contained in a pack of medium cigarettes.

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