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Cigarettes vs. E-Cigs

Veteran smokers looking to quit are being enticed with the new age e-cigarette. Others have heard health benefits of the electronic cigarette over traditional smoking. Still some are just curious about differences between the two. We'd like to answer some common questions about smoking cigarettes versus e-cigarettes. Is 'smoking' an e-cigarette really smoking? Well, let's see.

First, a cigarette is a thin piece of paper rolled into a cylinder, filled with finely cut tobacco leaves. Commercially packaged cigarettes have filters on them, but some individuals prefer to roll their own cigarettes with no filter. The user lights one end and as the cigarette burns, they inhale the smoke and ultimately the nicotine from the tobacco leaves. The electronic cigarette or e-cig, is a personal vaporizer that looks similar to a cigarette, but works much differently. A vaporizer heats a substance to a specific temperature to create a vapor of the active ingredients. There is no fire, therefore no smoke or burning. This reaction happens inside the e-cig and the user then inhales the vapor. Instead of loading the e-cig with tobacco leaves, e-liquids are used. These vary for the user's liking, but range from varying amounts of nicotine to different flavors. This is particularly beneficial for users trying to quit, as they can decrease their nicotine intake as they progress. To review, "smoking" an e-cigarette should correctly be termed as "vaping" because there is no smoke involved.


So, let's talk about health regarding the e-cigs and cigarettes. The e-cig has no smoke, therefore the user eliminates the particulants from a cigarette. These particulants include things like tar, carbon monoxide, ash, and tobacco. Research states these are the most threatening aspect of smoking, and that nicotine is only as harmful to the body as caffeine is. Cigarette smokers are known for yellowing teeth and bad breathe, both associated with the smoke inhalation from cigarettes. E-cigs eliminate those downfalls, because there is no smoke associated with them. This allows them to be used anywhere-- offices, elevators, non-smoking restaurants, etc. Second hand cigarette smoke is as dangerous for others as the smoke is for the user, and again-- e-cigs are smokeless. Arguably one of the worst things about smoking-- the smell, is entirely eliminated with the use of e-cigs.


Financially, a nicotine addiction is an expensive habit. With cigarette costs rising yearly, a smoker could save immensely by switching to e-cigarettes. The cost of a cartridge (loaded with e-liquid) is less than $2. This is the equivalent of at least (depending how much you smoke) a pack of cigarettes. Even with the cheapest pack of cigarettes, that cuts the cost in half. Cut the cigarette budget in half over the course of a year, and the savings are astronomical.


Lastly, e-cigarettes are reusable. The cartridges are refilled, and the batteries are charged. Depending on how often they are used, e-cigs should function normally for years. Cigarettes are a one time use item, and must be replaced after they are gone, and cigarette butts are also the single most littered item in America. They also have plastic packaging, wrappers and trash from matches that go along with them. E-cig is an all inclusive item. When it is charged, it needs nothing else to work. The e-cig also poses no danger to the environment because it is smokeless and fireless. Countless wildfires are started every year by cigarettes, and this is entirely preventable with a switch to e-cigs.

All signs point to the obvious winner in this debate, the e-cigarette. Replacing cigarettes with e-cigs has a slight adjustment time, but many people love it and have successfully quit smoking to take up vaping instead. With health, financial, and environmental benefits it appears to be an easy choice! We have a fantastic selection of starter kits for people ready to take the plunge. Check them out here!