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A dirty vaporizer leads to changes in taste, malfunctioning units, breakage, and poor reputation. So clean it up! Value Vaporizer provides you with a huge selection of cleaning solutions for your vaporizer and vaporizer accessories, from fast cleaners to all-natural cleaners, big budgets to small budgets, and everything in between! If we don't have something you're looking for, please contact us so we can get it for you!

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Magic-Flight Launch Box Cleaning Brush
  Don’t vaporizer your herbal blend in a dirty herb chamber. An inexpensive Magic-Flight..
Vapir Cleaning Brushes – 5 Pack
Vapir brand cleaning brushes are designed to clean those hard to reach places within your herbal ..
Randy's Black Label Cleaner
Randy's Black Label Cleaner is one of the most popular cleaners for glass and pipes. There have b..
Randy's Green Label Cleaner
Randy's Green Label Cleaner is reusable cleaner for glass, metal, and ceramic.  It is intend..