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E-Cig Kits

Electronic cigarette kits traditionally have everything you need in one package. They typically include; one or more batteries, atomizer and cartridges (or cartomizers) and a battery recharger. Some kits may also include cases and/or e-juice to get you started. While a larger investment up front, kits are generally the best value for those just getting started with electronic cigarettes.

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Ego Ce4 Starter Kit With Case
Ego Ce4 Single Starter Kit  comes complete with: 1 X Ego Case (Black) 1 x eGo-c 650m..
Ego Ce4 Starter Kit With E-Liquid
The Ego starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping. Ego Ce4 Single Starter Ki..
Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 Kit
The iTaste VV V3.0 is a microprocessor controlled variable-voltage/variable-wattage (VV/VW) perso..
Juicy Crazy 8
Juicy Crazy 8 has 8 wicks so not a single drop of flavor is wasted. It comes with 2 clearomi..
Juicy Javelin Ultra Slim Vapor Pen
The Juicy Javelin Vapor Pen is a ultra slim vapor pen used for E-Liquid and Oils.The Juicy Javeli..
Skunk Lil' Stick Deluxe Kit
The Skunk Lil Stick Deluxe Vapor Pen Kit is just as it sounds... Deluxe! It comes with a cartridg..
Skunk Stick Vapor Pen
The Skunk Stick Vapor Pen features a LCD screen that not only shows a graphical reprisentation of..
White Rhino Liquid Mini
White Rhino Liquid Mini ..
Zen One with Portable Charging Case
Zen One Provides the best quality and performance among all mini cigs. It is similar to the size ..
Zen Pen Electronic Cigarette Kit
The Zen Pen is a 510/Ego threaded battery with a CE4 Clearomizer. The battery has a 3 color LED b..