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Eclipse Vape Vials - 10 Pack Large

Eclipse Vape Vials - 10 Pack Large
Eclipse Vape Vials - 10 Pack Large
Brand: Eclipse Vape
Product Code: Eclipse-6362
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These large vials from Eclipse Vape make it simple to quickly change from one herbal material to another one, with any Eclipse Vape portable vaporizer. Their larger size also allows you to enjoy your aromatherapy session for a longer period of time between vial exchanges. Each large vial can be used multiple times. We recommend that you clean them out between uses to prevent cross contamination. There are 10 large vials in this package. 

Special note. Do not use a torch lighter to heat these vials. Torch lighters produce too much heat, which can burn your herbal blends. Using a torch lighter can result in breaking the vials.


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