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iolite Hand Held Vaporizer

iolite Hand Held Vaporizer
iolite Hand Held Vaporizer iolite Hand Held Vaporizer
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The iolite handheld vaporizer is a truly portable device that makes producing high quality vapor simple. Requiring absolutely no flame, no cords, no wires, no car kits, no batteries or any other similar accessories. The iolite is discreet enough for you to vaporize anywhere, at anytime, in less than 45 seconds. Using butane rather than flame or batteries, you wont find anything else like it on the market.  

Perfect for light and heavy users alike. Featuring a bi-metal precision thermostat and patented flameless butane catalytic heater. You’ll never burn your blends. Only produce perfect vapor. Iolite’s innovative design makes these vaporizers easy to operate and enjoy.

Manufactured in Ireland out of FDA approved durable plastic, the iolite handheld vaporizer produces a catalytic reaction between oxygen and butane and then uses an exhaust system to remove the remaining butane. Iolite handheld portable vaporizers are available in 8 different colors – black, white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. And each iolite vaporizer comes with a 2 Year Warranty, covering any product defects.   

Included in the Box:

• Iolite Handheld Vaporizer
• Carrying Case
• Instruction Manual
• Maintenance Tool
• Filling Chamber
• Extendable Mouthpiece
• Moisture Condenser
• Two Pipe Cleaning Utensils
• Replacement Fine Mesh Screen

Operating Information:

• Operating Time – Up to 120 minutes
• Operating Temperature - 374°F (190°C)
• Refill Time – Approximately 5 seconds
• Fuel Type - Butane gas
• gnition – Piezoelectric

Notice: Butane gas may continue traveling though the unit for up to three minutes after turning it off. Take precaution for the first three minutes after use.

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