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iolite Mesh Screen - 3 Pack

iolite Mesh Screen - 3 Pack
iolite Mesh Screen - 3 Pack
Brand: iolite
Product Code: 2203
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Don’t let ingestion due to an old screen keep you from vaporizing. This triple pack of mesh screens is designed specifically for use in your iolite handheld vaporizer. Package includes three 7-dot mesh screens, three heater mesh screens, and three retaining rings. Keep enjoying vapor from your favorite blends with these premium screens from iolite.

Changing out a worn out old screen in your iolite hand held vaporizer is easy. Simply remove the mouthpiece. Then use the hand tool to push out the old screen and C-ring. Insert a new disc in its place, securing it with a new C-ring and the hand tool. Reattach the mouthpiece. And you’re ready to vaporize!

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