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Pokers and Dabbers

Many brands have custom-made pokers and dabbers that fit your branded unit perfectly. Pick up one of these handy smoking tools today!

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Arizer Glass Stirring Tool
Arizer’s Glass Stirring Tool (also-know-as a pin) is custom hand blown out of the finest glass ma..
Happy Daddy Baby Buddah Stainless Steel Spoon and Dabber
Just like its big brother the Big Buddah™, the Baby Buddah™, at only 4", is made to be the best t..
Happy Daddy Baby Buddah Titanium Spoon and Dabber
The Baby Buddah™, just like its big brother the Big Buddah™ . . . only smaller! At just 4", it is..
Happy Daddy Big Buddah Stainless Steel Spoon and Dabber
The Big Buddah™ from Happy Daddy was been designed to be the best tool for all of your concentrat..
Happy Daddy Big Buddah Titanium Spoon and Dabber
Happy Daddy’s best tool for concentrate and essential oils is the Big Buddah™ and at 7” you can h..
Happy Daddy Buddah Bomb Titanium
The Buddah Bomb™, is a great little tool that lets you concentrate heat more evenly, thanks to it..
Happy Daddy F-Bomb Fork and Dabber
The F-Bomb™, or Fork-Bomb, is great for stabbing, scooping and grabbing with its two-pronged fork..
Happy Daddy Pipe Pal Stainless Steel 3-Blade
The Pipe Pal™ has a blade on one end with three different surfaces: a convex bladed edge, a conca..
Happy Daddy Stainless Steel Grindson Angled Blade and Pick
The Grindson™ is perfect for grinders, especially high quality pollen grinders. The angled blade ..