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Vaporizer Information

There are a ton of questions (from smokers and non-smokers alike) on what a vaporizer is, how to use a vaporizer, best vaporization temperatures and more. At, we want to make sure all that information is covered, because the more you know about vaporizers and vaporizing, the better your vaporization experience will be -- hands down. 

What is a Vaporizer? -  Learn about what a vaporizer is, how they work, and what kinds of herbs and oils you can use to manage your ailments.  

What is a Vaporizer Pen? - Find out about vaporizer pens, a perfect portable solution to bring your vaporizer with you everywhere you go!

Why Does my Vaporizer Make Me Cough - Are you coughing a lot when you vape?  This isn't very common, but it does happen with some vaporizers.  We can help you with some quick tips and tricks on eliminating coughing while vaping.

What Temperature Should I use to Vape? -  Here you can find suggested temperatures for the most commonly used herbs in vaporizers.  

What is the Perfect Vaporizer Temperature? - Find out what the perfect temperature is to get the best vapor out of your vaporizer!

How to Use a Vaporizer to Quit Smoking Cigarettes - Are you a smoker?  Do you want to quit smoking cigarettes and move to a more healthy option?  Here's the lowdown on how to quit smoking cigarettes by using a vaporizer. 

Vaporizing vs. Smoking - What is the difference between vaporizing and smoking? Is there a difference between vapor and smoke? Find out more!

Cigarettes vs. E-Cigs - Are there advantages or disadvantages to smoking electronic cigarettes compared to traditional smokes? Read up here.

Popular Herbs to Vaporize:  A Guide -  Learn about the different common herbs that are vaporized, the best temperature to vaporizer the herbs, and also the effects of each herb. 

E-Cig Battery Guide - Can your E-Cig battery explode? What's the difference between a manual and automatic battery? How can you get the most out of your E-Cig's battery? The answer to these questions and more are right here in this comprehensive guide!

Vaper's Tongue - Learn what causes vaper's tongue, how to cure it, and other vital information. Don't wait until you already have it, you can also use this information as a preventative!

Vaporizer Buying Guide - The complete guide to buying a vaporizer. Consider every factor before making a purchase and you'll be able to pick out a vaporizer tailored to your unique preferences.