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Vaporizing vs. Smoking

Vaporizing vs. SmokingThere is a change happening in the smoking world currently. Not only are more and more smokers becoming enlightened on the benefits of rolling their own cigarettes, but there are also more smokers integrating vaporizing into their normal smoking routine.
Vaporizing is a method by which the herbs or tobacco are heated to a temperature that releases only water vapor and the active ingredients (nicotine, THC, CBD, and others) within the organic material. Fans of vaporizing are quick to point out that there is no burning of the material to produce smoke or ash particles that are inhaled and can lodge into the lung tissue. This, they say, makes vaporizing a healthier substitute for smoking.
Vaporizing is developing into a more mainstream trend because of the lack of harmful smoke and the advent of appealing vaporizing products. Vaporizers come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be digital, tabletop, battery operated, portable, pocket sized, plug in, forced air, hands free, or look like hookahs or pipes. New models are becoming ever more novel and technologically advanced, which makes them really fun gadgets!

Vaporizing Vs. Smoking High

Some smokers have their complaints about vaporizing, most commonly the vaporizing vs. smoking high / buzz. Long time smokers have grown used to the mouth feel and taste of inhaling smoke. Some smokers new to vaporizing denounce the practice as they feel they are not getting the amount of fumes they are used to or feel there is not a large enough dose for their needs. So here is our advice for novice vape-ers: relax and don't expect vaporizing to be something it's not. You will taste the "good stuff", but you cut out all the ash and smoke you've been ingesting for years. That's a good thing! Trust us, your vaporizer is working. And take it slow. If you vape too fast because you want to "feel something", quickly learn how well your new vaporizer really does its job!
Again, smoking is not vaporizing. They are two very different ways of achieving the mental state you want. But, we like having the freedom to choose!