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Volcano Vaporizer Systems with Easy Valve Starter Set

Volcano Vaporizer Systems with Easy Valve Starter Set
Volcano Vaporizer Systems with Easy Valve Starter Set
Brand: Volcano
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This Volcano Vaporizer System with Easy Valve Starter Set offers you the ultimate vaporizing experience. Your Vaporizer system with Easy Valve Starter Set will include your choice of either the Classic Volcano Hot Air Generator or the more precise Digital Volcano Hot Air Generator. Along with all the accessories you will need to enjoy pure herbal vapor, such as Volcano’s ready-to-go Easy Valve Balloons. 

The proven performance, high quality materials, and expert design of the Volcano Hot Air Generator guarantees satisfaction. A durable stainless steel housing protects the internal working components and the robust air pump offers years of maintenance fee operation. The heat exchange utilizes patented technology, which ensures it will safely and cleanly bring air to your desired vaporizing temperature, never reaching the combustion point. 

No matter which Volcano Hot Air Generator you choose. Whether the Classic Volcano with rotary dial temperature controls and illuminated toggle buttons (accurate to +/- 9˚F) or the Digital Volcano with dual oversized LED temperature display and easy touch buttons (precise to +/- 1. 5˚F). You’re going to love it!

Volcano Hot Air Generator’s Feature:

• Temperature Range 104°F – 446°F (40°C – 230°C)(Digital Only)
• Temperature Range 266°F – 446°F (130°C – 230°C)(Classic Only)
• Easy Touch Buttons (Digital Only)
• Illuminated Toggle Buttons (Classic Only)
• Auto-Shutoff
• 3-Year Warranty

Volcano Vaporizer System w/Easy Valve Starter Set Includes:

• Volcano Hot Air Generator (Your Choice Classic or Digital)
• Volcano Hot Air Generator Operating Manual
• Easy Valve Starter Set
• 5 pc. Balloon Tube (3m)
• Filling Chamber for Herbs
• Normal Screen Set
• Air Filter Set
• Liquid Pad
• Cleaning Brush
• Grinder

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