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What is a Vaporizer

Vaporizers are devices that transform an herb, extract or oil into a vapor, and allow it to be inhaled. It heats a substance to a specific temperature where it can release therapeutic components, but not hot enough to actually burn.  They can be used for medicinal or recreational use, and many users prefer them because of their endless convenience factors. Vaporizers leave a minimal scent behind, need no flame or fire, and come in various shapes and sizes. After the initial investment, a vaporizer saves the user valuable money and substance.  They are safe and easy!  Anyone can learn to use a vaporizer.

What is a Vaporizer Used For?

Vaporizers can be used for all kinds of ailments. Not only are they easy to use, vaporizers can host a variety of substances as well. Typically people use them to smoke tobacco, but other herbs are excellent options as well. Tobacco users can enjoy nicotine via ecigs without the harmful effects and carcinogenic smoke. They can use a portable vaporizer inside their home or workplace without bothering anyone with second hand smoke. The bi-product is a short lived fragrance and water vapor! Recent studies have focused on the benefits of herbal substances in vaporizers.  Many people use oils in their vaporizer to create their desired effect. Some herbs and oils create a stimulating effect. Keep in mind not everyone will experience the same thing from every oil or herb, but this can be used as a general guide. Herbs, oils, and extracts release vapors differently depending on their temperatures. 

Find the Right Vaporizer for Your Needs

Finding the right temperature for each substance is crucial to achieve the desired effect, so make sure to research before starting a medicinal vaporizing regimen.  Damiana and Green Tea are accepted as stimulants, and do well when vaporized. Both of these have been known to fight depression and give the user energy, as well as relieve pain.  Chamomile has been used through the ages as a stress reliever and relaxant. It transforms extremely well in a vaporizer, and can help insomnia. Passion flower also works as a powerful stress reliever and sedative. Peppermint is an awesome herb because it has a strong, pleasurable taste, and also works to overpower herbs that are not so desirable. That means it can be used in tandem with another substance that might not taste so hot by itself. Hops (yep—hops like beer hops) is an herb that has a complex taste with a soothing and euphoric effect. 
The possibilities of a vaporizer are endless, but the main things to remember are they are a safe way to inhale the product of your choice. Vaporizers allow for indoor consumption with little or no smoke, just vapors that quickly dissolve. They have been used for decades, and most of all… they make for the best oil, extract, or herb consumption—hands down.