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What is a Vaporizer Pen?

It seems like the market has recently exploded with vaporizer pens, but for a newbie they can be confusing. Relax! We got ya. We'll give you the skinny on what a vaporizer is, benefits of a vape pen and how you can use them. We are huge promoters of vape pens because they are awesome! We'll discuss some of their sweet benefits in a bit. But first, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

What's a vaporizer?

Vaporizing is an alternative method to burning/smoking, that is used to extract active ingredients from a product (oil, dry herb, wax or liquids). A vaporizer is the device used to do so. Usually the vapor exits the device by way of a hose and is held in some sort of chamber before it is inhaled, but may be directed inhaled by the user. The holding chamber can range from a plastic bag to a glass jar, depending on the device. Most have an adjustable temperature gauge too--different substances have different prime vaping temperatures.

So what's a vaporizer pen?

A vaporizer pen is a portable personal inhalation device. Similarly, an electronic cigarette or e-cig is a personal vaporizer used to vaporize a liquid substance, mostly used as a substitute for cigarette smoking. They are called pens because they are small and pen shaped. Most are about the size of a permanent marker, and easily fit in your pocket or a clutch. Vape pens are made of four main parts: the atomizer, cartridge, power source, and (sometimes) cartomizer. Some cheap vaporizer pens use batteries, but most have a charging port. No worries, these babies hold a charge like a champ.

What is a vaporizer pen used for?

As we said, some people use the e-cigs to quit smoking, or for an alternative to smoking cigarettes. The e-cig cartridges are loaded with an e-liquid that can have varying levels of nicotine and may be flavored. Aside from a slight weight difference, they look very similar to a cigarette and fulfill the oral fixation. They do not however, affect self or others with harmful second hand smoke or leave an odor. Because there is no flame, harmful carcinogens and toxic byproducts are eliminated. Others use vaporizer pens to extract benefits from essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and mint. Some vaporizers are used expressively for wax and waxy oil. These are most commonly used in conjunction with medical marijuana, for licensed medical marijuana users. Lastly, a few vape pens are made to vaporize small amounts of dry herbs in their chamber. We think oils are the way to go, but to each their own!

Benefits of Vaporizer Pens:

Smokeless: Because the substance is not burned, there is no smoke associated with it. Other than a vapor produced, there is no bi-product from a vaporizer.

Odorless: Without the smoke there is little smell associated with vaporizer pens. The vapor may smell for 1-2 seconds after it is exhaled, but disappears quickly. This allows vaping indoors, and anywhere "smoking" is not allowed! Score!

Real Taste: With smoking, your flavor is obstructed by smoke and toxins, but with vaping the flavor is smooth and untainted--totally pure.Portable: Literally the size of a sharpie marker, they can slip in your purse or pocket and conveniently go wherever you'd like.

Little Waste: With vaporizing, there is little waste and that makes your product go a lot further! Ultimately a vape saves you money because you aren't wasting herb/oil/product by burning it--Fist Pump!