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What is the Perfect Vaporizer Temperature?

What is the perfect vaporizer temperature?As vaporizing has become more and more accepted and the practice more widespread, finding what is the perfect vaporizing temperature for weed has been the subject of much research and debate.
Confusion abounds when you're trying to find the optimal temperature at which to vaporize your material to achieve the maximum effect. Some people who are traditional cigarette smokers may get discouraged at the feel or the amount of the vapor, but each substance is different. And even each variety of each substance is a little bit different. You might check out our popular herbs to vaporize page for details on what herbs are vaporized commonly or check out the Best Temperature to Vape article.  Nicotine and various cannabinoids have different boiling points, which means each distinct chemical will be released at different temperatures for you to inhale.
So, where do you start? There are numerous reports of the ideal temperature being somewhere around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And then there are others who swear by a temperature range closer to 400 degrees. The best thing to do is to start your vaporizer at the lowest setting. Take a few hits and let those sink in. The good news is that you won't be burning up all your tobacco while you're waiting to feel the effects. Starting at a low vaporizing temperature may be enough to get the amount of vapor you want. If not, keep increasing the vaporizer's temperature incrementally until your material has been completely burnt through. And be sure your smoking material never comes into direct contact with the vaporizer heating element. Remember too that all vaporizers vary from model to model, so you'll have to play with and get used to the settings on your individual unit.
There have been reports of smokers feeling different effects from herbs and tobacco being vaporized at different temperatures. Changes in grinds, blends, strains, moisture levels, and densities are all variables that can contribute to the ideal vapor appearing at different temperature levels. Use the method of starting at low temperatures first every time you vaporize a new smoking product. Otherwise, you may run the risk of actual combustion! Your smoking stash bursting into flames is a great way to ruin your day (trust us, we've done it!). Even if you are producing smoke, this means your vaporizing unit is at a temperature that is too high, and that defeats the purpose of vaporizing in the first place.

What Temperature Should I Use to Vape?

So, "What temperature should I use my vaporizer at?", you ask? In short, there is no one ideal vaporizer temperature. The range is somewhere in the low to mid 300-degree range to not higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a wide range to work with, but the fun is in the experimentation, right?!