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Why Does my Vaporizer Make Me Cough

Why does my vaporizer make me cough? Why does my vaporizer taste burnt / bad? These questions are all too common for us at Value Vaporizer, and we want to clear some things up.
While coughing and smoking go hand in hand, many people are surprised when they use a vaporizer and start to cough. “Wait! I thought there was no smoke, why am I coughing?” Well, you are right. There is no smoke, just a vapor being inhaled. There is no smoke because nothing is burning, you are however, introducing a foreign substance into your body at a incredible rate and the natural reaction is to cough. Other than that, there are a few other reasons people cough when they inhale a vapor.  They range from sickness to misuse, but most can be relieved or even eliminated with a few tips and tricks listed below.
Reasons for Coughing while Vaping:
  • You might be sick
  • Different temperatures affect people differently
  • Brands of vaporizers differ and can cause coughing
If you are physically sick, you may find yourself coughing when inhaling, especially if one of your symptoms is an intense cough.  The vapor (while mild) is still foreign to your body. If you were already prone to coughing, any deep breath can result in coughing. Lavender is an excellent oil to vaporize when you’re feeling under the weather, and you may try staying hydrated to minimize coughing in between vales. In addition, people with asthma or chronic coughing are prone to coughing when inhaling ANYTHING—so be prepared for the cough if that applies to you. We have read that people try a throat numbing spray before vaping: we’ll let you be the judge of that one.  Instead of standing up with a portable vaporizer, you might try sitting down with a stationary vaporizer to help you relax. 
Vaporizer connoisseurs swear that different temperatures affect the amount of coughing after consumption. Researching the correct temperature for the specific oil, herb, or extract you are vaping can make a dramatic difference in the coughing department. Make sure you are vaporizing at the  recommended temperature for your herb—It just makes sense, right? Sometimes we forget that different herbs and oils do a variety of things at different temperatures. If you’re using a vape pen or E-cigarette, make sure you’re only using oils recommended for your equipment.  Vaporizing at the proper temperature can help reduce a cough. There are also rumors that the quality of the herb can affect the amount of coughing after… We can probably all agree there! 
Sometimes, there is just no easy reason one vaporizer makes you cough and another doesn’t.  Brand to brand they should be similar, but some people notice differences. Try to determine which brand your body does well with before you invest in a vaporizer. Trying out a friends or sampling one at a show or convention might be helpful to determine what works best for you. The best solution we can find across the board is staying hydrated, and drinking water between each vapor to keep your throat from getting too dry. 
Just remember: a little cough is normal, but coughing until you pass out with a headache is not. A recent study showed baking and eating were the safest way to ingest herbs, directly followed by vaporizing. It is a safe way to ingest, so you shouldn’t have coughing fits that are miserable! Do your research before you buy, and see what other people are saying about the vaporizer you are interested in. Go and try it out if you can (party, convention, friend, etc) to get the best bang for your buck.